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Devils Ivy about 170cm tall and 40cm wide
Great for low light spots.

All photos from our own stock and taken by us. All heights include container.

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Epipremnum aureus
Devils Ivy

A large leaved climber with heart shaped leaves similar to Philodendron but with a yellow marbled variegation. Out of the stem grow aerial roots which are best given a moss pole to cling to, misting the pole occasionally will give you a much healthier plant. There are other cultivars available but unless you can give them the constant temperatures and high humidity they require then E. aureum is the best choice.

Site: Bright indirect light. Too much shade and the variegation will fade.

Temp: Average warmth; keep warm in the winter minimum of 55°F.

Water: Water well in the growing season. Be carefull to let the compost dry out slightly between waterings. High humidity so mist frequently.

Feeding: A liquid feed every month or so.

Tip: If your plant is getting too leggy pinch out the growing tips in spring and it will bush out nicely.



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