Hoya kerrii - Heart Shaped Hoya

WOW! if you were to design a plant as a valentines gift then it would be hard to come up with something as fitting as this! No we haven't stuck a bit of green plastic in a pot!

It will also grow into a lovely climber like its better know cousin Hoya carnosa with wonderful fragrant flowers.

Comes ready planted into a Lechusa mini
self watering container (As illustrated)

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Site: A Bright spot a bit of direct sun is good. Great windowsill plant.

Temp: Average. Not too hot in winter.

Water: Water well over summer but cut back a bit over winter. Mist when you can but not when flowering.

Feeding: A liquid feed every two-three weeks over the growing season.

Tip: Don't move it about especially when flower buds are forming., Don't reppot it until it is desperate and do not take off the dead flowers (It is an easy plant really)





Sorry not availlable

all sizes include container


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