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ZZ Plant 1m tall £65.00. Easy plant for sun or shade!
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Zamioculcas zamiifolia
ZZ Plant

Only recently has this plant been seen in the UK (Its name is heard even less!). Zamioculcas is beginning to find itself brought into offices by interior landscapers, probably due to its affinity with modern design. Each of the branches coming from the compost is actually a leaf and the ' leaves' are leaflets coming of them. An easy and very impressive plant for almost any room.

Site: Light Shade (Will take sun as well)

Temp: Average warmth. Not below 65°F in the winter.

Water: Let the compost surface dry before re-watering. Over the winter water sparingly.

Feeding: A very weak liquid feed every month or so over the growing season.

Tip: It can be divided and replanted when repotting is required. Do not let the plant get over wet, rotting can occur over winter if overwatered.


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