The Dracaena family

Dragon trees are grown all over the world for their varied elegant foliage. As a specimen plant they are hard to beat with the statuesque contrast between leaves and cane creating a great plant that can be very tall without taking up to much room.

Light requirements vary from shade for the green varieties to bright indirect light for the more decorative specimens. As a rule they hate drying out and love high humidity.

The name Dracaena is derived from the Greek word “drakaina”, a female dragon.

This name is derived from the red gum produced when the stem of Dracaena is cut. When this is thickened it is said to look like dragon’s blood! It was used in roman and mediaeval times in magic and alchemy. Nowerdays It is used as a varnish and in photo engraving (Not quite as romantic!)

You might think that dracaenas are related to palms, but in fact thier closest relative are the lilies!