Hydroponic Plant Care and Watering


For good root aeration do NOT re-water until the indicator reaches the minimum setting. Wait 3-4 days then add water to bring the indicator up to the optimum mark.

You can see how much and when a plant needs water using a water meter. On average, you only need to water the plant once every four weeks. If the water meter shows 'minimum', wait three to four days before watering your plant again.

Only water above this mark during extended absence. In order to check low water levels, tip planter and watch response of indicator. NOTE: Do NOT use artificially softened water.

The Hydroponic Plant's Environment

Each type of plant prefers a certain amount of light, temperature and humidity to thrive. Choose one of the many good books available on the care of house plants to determine what your particular plant requires.

Light especially is often a limiting factor in many households for growing plants. Be sure to pay particular attention to this factor.

Step-by-step Tips

  • Potting Hydroponic Plant

    After planting, rinse the pebbles once again to remove the last traces of soil and dust. Install indicator in liner. Place this assembly into the outer shell.

  • Watering Hydroponic Plant

    Water until the indicator reads optimum. DO NOT fertilize until next watering.

  • Hydroponic Plant Fertiliser


    First fertilize the new transplant after it has used up it's initial watering. Following directions add the proper amount of Time Release Fertilizer or liquid plant food to the reservoir and water to the Optimum mark. You will not need to add any more fertilizer for 4-6 months. Turn the dial on top of the indicator to the month you need to fertilize next.