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Bizzare looking Regal Elkhorn about 55cm tall.

All photos from our own stock and taken by us.

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Platycerium grande
Regal Elkhorn Fern

Large and bizarre fern. This rare plant provokes quite a range of responses from love to sometimes fear! Growing in the wild on the branches and trunks of trees staghorn and elkhorn ferns can be suspended on wires and hung from a wall to display at eye level a truly spectacular fern.

Site: Shady to light shade.

Temp: Keep warm 60°F / 70°F

Water: Keep well watered in summer and infrequently in winter. Needs pretty high humidity so do not place near to any heating

Feeding: A very weak liquid feed every month or so.

Tip: Water by immersing into a bowl of tepid water



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