Self-Watering Systems for Your Plants

  • Quick & Easy
  • Plants Look After Themselves for up to 5 weeks!
  • Meets your plant's moisture requirements

Shapes and Sizes Available

Self-watering systems are available in square and round shape containers. These come in a variety of sizes, from 21cm to 38cm wide.

Please click on either square or round below to see the availalbe sizes.

How It Works

As the plant root system draws water from the compost the correct moisture level is maintained by water drawn from the reservoir through the layer of absorbent granules. This ensures that the plants moisture requirements are exactly met.

  • The self-watering system consists of an inner container. A tray separates a water reservoir below from the planted area.
  • A layer of absorbant granules (supplied) is applied beneath the compost that draws water from the reservoir and then into the compost where it is taken up by the roots when needed.
  • There is also a float connected to a visible reservoir water level indicator so you always know how much water there is in the container.
How the Self-watering Plant System