Ready Potted in a Self Watering Container?

Our range of elegant designer style containers are great for indoor houseplant displays or garden use. Manufactured from twin walled high density polypropylene; they are available in different finishes and colours; making a stylish accompaniment for plants for your home, garden and office. Virtually shatterproof their durability, UV and frost resistance adds to their appeal.

Bespoke self-watering systems are available for all containers across the range - so your plants look after themselves for up to 5 weeks. Castors are available for larger planters to aid moving.

Click on the images below for more detail of our ranges of planters.

How Does it Work?

As the plant root system draws water from the compost the correct moisture level is maintained by water drawn from the reservoir through the layer of absorbent granules. This ensures that the plants moisture requirements are exactly met.

Inner Parts

The self-watering system consists of an inner container. A tray separates a water reservoir below from the planted area. A layer of absorbant granules (supplied) is applied beneath the compost that draws water from the reservoir and then into the compost where it is taken up by the roots when needed. There is also a float connected to a visible reservoir water level indicator so you always know how much water there is in the container.

If you have any queriews about the system or need any advice about potting up please call us on 01435 874874

Potting Charges Discount

Normally to cover extra courier charges, compost and time a potting charge is made. This is discounted when the self-watering container and plant are bought together.

Here is a guide to those discounts:

Container Normal Price Discounted Price
Quadro 21cm
Classico 21cm
£5 £2.50
Quadro 28cm
Classico 28cm
£7.50 £4.00
Quadro 35cm
Classico 35cm
£10 £6.00
Quadro 43cm
Classico 43cm
£15 £10.00
Cubico 30cm £10 £5.00
Cubico 40cm £15 £10.00