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Special offers and rarities!!!

We sometimes have grown a little too much stock of a particular houseplant or we only have a few of some rare and hard to find plants. Or from time to time we find a bargain batch of something that we would not normally stock or a small number of hard to find again species. Below are some real bargains!

Stock does change very very quickly here so we will always contact you before we send out just in case we are running low or have sold out.


Pachypodium lamerii Chlorophytum comosum 'Variegata' Ficus nitida Spathiphyllum wallisii
Madagascer palm Spider Plant Braided fig Peace lily

What a weird plant this is! It needs a lot of sun, and lots of water over the summer.
If looked after it will reach over six feet high!

Very common in homes but very very hard to buy. Incredibly easy. Grows almost anywhere in the house apart from under the stairs!

We have a couple of these lovely braided fig plants left. They like a bright spot away from heat sources. Great for a more formal indoor planting

A larger than normal batch of this perennial favorite. Free flowering and a doddle to look after! Click here for more info.
All heights include the container
Philodendron 'Xantal' Philodendron xanadu Ficus microcarpa ginseng Howea forsteriana
Chinese Banyan Kentia Palm

This is a very very big specimen of this truly stunning rare plant. One of our favourites!!
Call us for care information.
Only one plant available.

We have a small batch of this exotic foliage plant. Likes it in a dark spot, great for bathrooms and kitchens. Will tolerate quite cold nights. Click here for more info.

A fascinating little tree with odd bulbous trunk segments. Its easy to look after as well just needs a well lit spot and watering well when dry. Click here to see its big brothers.

One of our best selling palms due to its looks and ease of care. Click here for more info.
We have a limited amount of these stunning 2.2m plants here at the moment.
Get them while you can!

All heights include the container