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Christmas Plants

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A House plant can bring striking colour into the home with exotic flowers. Lasting many many times longer than a bouquet of flowers (And costing less!).

If you are after any other flowering houseplant especially large specimens please contact us, we would be delighted to talk you through our full range


Euphorbia pulcherrima - Crown of the Andes

THE Christmas plant. Defining the festive season as much as a daffodil does spring, this native of Mexico was used by the Aztecs to control fevers and dye cloth. The botanical name pulcherrima means "very beautiful", and it is!

Site: A Bright spot away from heat and cold.
Tip: Pinch out the flowers (Bracts) after the red leaves begin to fall



Araucaria heterophylla
Norfolk Island Pine

A cousin of the equally interesting monkey puzzle the Norfolk Island Pine is a great indoor conifer. Soft needles cover the tiered branches and stem giving the plant the appearance of an exotic Christmas tree. It can be seen as large specimens outside in warmer countries

Site: A well lit spot but avoid direct sun.keep colder over the winter
Tip: Keep the area well ventilated over the summer or place outside.



Solanum capsicastrum
Winter Cherry

A familiar sight over the winter months this is a fantastic ready decorated chrismas plant. The berries change colour from green through the oranges and finaly into a bright red. WARNING the berries are not edible.

Site: A well lit spot with some direct sun.keep cool over the winter
Tip: Keep outside after winter and prune hard back after berries have dropped..



Zygocactus truncatus
Christmas cactus

Absoloutly stunning blooms adorn this very easy christmas favourite. In the wild these plants cling on to the branches of woodland and jungle trees.

Site: A well lit spot but avoid direct sun.keep colder over the winter
Tip: After flowering keep the plant cool and dry.Then after the frosts put outside somwhere shady and bring back in the next Autumn.



Chlorophytum orchidastrum
Green and orange

Brilliant festive and seasonal colours on this uncommon house plant. This plant is related to the spider plant, Chlorophytum comosum. The word Chlorophytum is from the Greek chloros meaning green and phuton for plant. We think that the bright colouration makes it a fantastic christmas plant to have in the house.

Site: Any shady spot but do not expose to bright light or the colour will fade.
Tip: It will try to flower, pinch these out ASAP. We find it helps to keep the plant looking good.



Christmas Collection

All five of our selected festive plants, each one has its own unique quality that will give a splash of life and colour to any house/office.

Site: look above for details on each plant.
Tip: All the plants will last for years given the right care, let us know if you need any care tips, we are always happy to help.







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