Welcome to our Brand New Website!

Thank you for visiting our brand new website. Our first version launched back in 2005, and back then, when we were the only online Houseplant store, the old website was state-of-the-art. But lately, it had begun to look and feel very dated indeed, so we committed ourselves to making a website that carried the same fundamental values as our approach to horticulture. We aimed for an emphasis on quality and while it’s taken a lot longer than we hoped, we are immensely proud of the end result. 

Please take the time to browse and explore the wealth of information available on the site, and if you notice something wrong, please don’t hesitate to mention it to us. All content, including the photography, writing and navigation has been created by our in-house team so we appreciate it might not be perfect initially. 

One aspect of our old website that we really didn’t want to lose was the impression we left on visitors that we’re real people. We also wanted to continue to demonstrate our expertise and knowledge in the field of horticulture and let people know they were buying from a small business of individuals. We also don’t want to lose our continued practice of allowing our customers and website visitors to be able to speak to us on their terms, and have a nice chat about plants. In an increasingly automated world, we think it’s important to have a personal touch and allow people to call if they want to. 

Once again, thanks for visiting the site and we hope you find it a pleasure to explore. Feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have. 

Here's some photos of our online journey so far: 


The very first published version of our website. Made before widescreens. 



At this point we were beginning to find our feet and had a reasonable customer base. It was still unusual at this point to purchase things online.



Not much in the way of change but during this period we moved to our current premises where we began to cement our status as one of the premier suppliers of houseplants in The UK. 



Incredible to think how similar the website was to when it was first published 16 years prior!


Thank you for looking at our little slice of history and once again, we hope you enjoy our new site. Maybe 16 years from now we'll change it again!