Trailing & Hanging

Our full range of trailing and hanging house plants, for suspending from high places or draping from shelves or windowsills. Also used for spreading across a wide, flat area or adhering to walls or other vertical areas to climb freely.

Includes wonderful groups of houseplants that have been popular for years including philodendron, tradescantia, ceropegia, epipremnum, senecio and many others. 

Perfect for when you want to fill up a vertical space or have a broad flat area open to greenery. Many of these plants also grow in a variety of colours, creating vibrancy and substance that breathes life into rooms. 

Also great if you've run out of shelf space and you're wondering how to get more plants into your home by suspending them from the ceiling or wall fixtures. Many of these plants come with hooks for this purpose and if you'd like, we can send a hook with them if requested. 

One of the fastest growing groups of plants and most accessible to newcomers, these are a terrific choice as a gift or for those who want something a bit different.