Unique Specimens

The biggest and the best!

These are mature plants sourced from premier growers, often decades or even centuries in the making.

Each large plant is individually photographed. The plant in the photograph is the plant you will receive. 

We do not know of any other online retailers in the UK that can provide specimens of this scale and quality. 

This list is updated on a fortnightly basis, so check back for updates and new arrivals. 

If you are after a specimen of a particular species, please get in touch with us regarding this.

Please bear in mind that most of these plants will require a dedicated pallet service, which is normally around £70. We are usually happy to split this cost with you when you order. If you would prefer to organise your own delivery, please let us know.

It is also important to be aware of the weight of some of the specimens. Many of the large trees weigh upwards of 50kg, and are awkwardly shaped as well as incredibly delicate. 

It is worth it though, as these magnificent specimens are more than just plants; they are living pieces of precious furniture that breathe life into indoor spaces and create genuine amazement when seen for the first time.