How to use your Self Watering Container

Pot Size Watering Volume
21cm Classico / Quadro 500 - 750 ml
28cm Classico / Quadro 1 L
35cm Classico / Quadro 1.5 L - 2 L
43cm Classico / Quadro 2.5 L - 3 L
50cm Classico / Quadro 4 L - 5 L
30cm Cubico 1 L - 1.5 L
40cm Cubico 2 L - 2.5 L
50cm Cubico 3 L - 3.5 L

Fig. 1

Growing-In Phase

Over the first 12 weeks (for very large planters double this amount of time) continue to water the plant as you normally would, pouring water 'onto' the plant substrate from above (see Fig. 1).

Watering frequency will depend on the environment, time of year and plant species. As a rule of thumb leave until the surface of the compost is dry, if still moist do not water. Please see the table below for an approximate guide to watering your plants in a self watering container.

Fig. 2

Watering after growing-in phase

Fill the water reservoir (1) in one step via the water supply shaft (2) until the water level indicator reads 'max.' (3) (See Fig. 2).

Remember: only fill the water reservoir halfway for plants that require little water (e.g. cacti).

Every third watering, be sure to slowly pour wtaer over the plant substrate from above instead of using the supply shaft. This helps regulate the level of salt.

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Watering Intervals

The watering intervals depend on the planter size and location as well as the plant's water needs.

The following applies in general: The warmer and brighter the location of the plant, the shorter the watering intervals (see Fig. 3)

Dry Phase

When the water level indicator reads 'min.' after a few days to several weeks, do not water immediately. This is the start of the “dry phase” for the plant – depending on the size of the planter, its location and the plant itself, this phase can last for approximately two to ten days.

Begin watering the plant again regularly after this brief “water-free” phase (see Fig. 4).

Fig. 5

Fig. 6


Plants need fertilizer
In the summer months, and after the plant’s “growing-in phase”, add commercial liquid fertilizer to the water during every third watering according to the individual package instructions.