Starting in 2005, House of Plants is a family business staffed by 3 generations and 5 members of the Thomas’. 

Our organisation is headed by Paul Thomas, who recognised the potential of the internet in the early 2000s and set up the UK’s very first online house plant retailer. Today, there are hundreds who have followed the model set by Paul’s original work and who nowadays provide us with some long absent competition!

We owe our success to our fantastic team, as well as the network of suppliers, couriers and partners, as well as our thousands of amazing customers.

The Team

We are a family business and generally all muck in with whatever needs doing but as an introduction

Paul Thomas - Director and main plant expert

Brook Thomas - Sales Manager and specifier.

Holly Thomas - Administration and Customer support manager

Aaron Fright - Logistics manager

Pumpkin - Getting the Ball manager

Our Ethos

We firmly believe in respecting the nature of plants, rather than viewing them as numbered livestock to simply be bought and sold. This is at the heart of our success and longevity.

We are currently based in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty nestled deep in the Sussex Countryside. We have five acres of stunningly preserved land, and a 500m2 polythene grow house, where the environment is perfect for growing tropical and sub-tropical house plants. From these premises, we have shipped approximately 100,000 incredible house plants.

The business had humble beginnings, renting out a corner of a private nursery and wrangling with the dial-up modems that defined the early days of e-commerce. Since then, we’ve grown into the UK’s premier grower and supplier of tropical plants, and continue to expand.

Looking to the future, we are starting to enter into wholesale and accessories such as a wide range of pots and care products. We are soon to open up our second premises and launch a brand new website. We are also spearheading the UK cultivated houseplant market, and will continue to innovate, grow and care.

Changing times

The world has changed incredibly since we started in business. We are 100% committed to positive changes including reduction of plastic use, recycling, responsible plant sourcing.

Never has it been more important to respect nature and to learn and be humbled by it.