Step 1

Water the plant on top of the soil, not through the reservoir supply shaft for at least 3 months. This is the growing in phase. 

At the bottom of this page is a volume guide.

Do not over-water your plant. Dryness encourages the roots to grow into the system.

Step 2

Once you have completed the growing in phase, fill the reservoir. If you have a less thirsty plant, only fill it half way. If you're unsure, just fill it two thirds up.

Step 3

Wait until the indicator reaches minimum, then leave for a further 2-10 days. Warmer and drier conditions mean a shorter interval. A large planter, like a classico 43cm, will need a longer interval.

Step 4

Re-fill the reservoir and repeat step 3, it's that easy!

How much water?

Pot Size Watering Volume

21cm Classico / Quadro - 500ml - 750ml

28cm Classico / Quadro -1L

35cm Classico / Quadro - 1.5L - 2L

43cm Classico / Quadro - 2.5L - 3L

50cm Classico / Quadro 4L - 5L

30cm Cubico - 1L - 1.5 L

40cm Cubico - 2L - 2.5L

50cm Cubico - 3L - 3.5 L