We have helped thousands of businesses transform their indoor spaces with stunning interior plantings.

Whole building fit outs, boardroom specials, restaurants and bars, breakout greenery, reception jungles, green screening, coffee shops, atriums, a plant for everyone!

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Office and Corporate projects

Throughout our long history we've completed many projects for a wide range of businesses from huge corporate clients to tiny coffee shops. Plantings have completely revolutionised the way their workplaces look and feel. We continue to work with these companies long term so that they can continue to benefit from the miraculous effect that plants have on staff wellbeing.

These plants are of the very highest quality and work to create a lasting impression on people entering your building for the first time. Not only this, but they are selected for their ease of care and installed completely ready to go in self-watering systems so that your investment lasts indefinitely, with minimal risk of plant death.

We are specialists in fulfilling large orders for transforming spaces into tropical indoor paradises. 

In our 16 year history, we've helped thousands of businesses reap the benefits of keeping plants in their premises. You can read about these benefits here.

We are committed to helping businesses to find the right plants for their space by consulting with them and offering the best plants in the country at unbeatable prices. 

With our range of self-watering containers and hydroponic planters, you do not have to be an expert in plants by any means to keep these incredible specimens alive. This gives you the confidence that the investment you make in plants will continue to pay off for decades to come with minimal fuss. 

We will ensure that your choices reflect the environment you're looking to fill to maximise your plants' chance of thriving, and work with you to assess your tastes and levels of desired maintenance. The plants are then delivered safely in bespoke containers completely ready to go with no installation required. Just unpack and enjoy! 

You will also have unrestricted access to our team of horticulture experts, who are on hand daily to help you with any questions or problems you may have for as long as you need. 

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Give us a call on 01435874874 or click the button below to tell us about your plant needs. You will work with our dedicated team of horticultural experts to ensure that the plants you get fit your taste, budget, environment and aspirations. We are proud to provide the very best quality, value and expertise in the country.

Our range of easy care ready potted fantastic office plants. They will arrive ready to go, just add water!

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