We guarantee your house plant will reach you safely

We have a huge amount of experience when it comes to packing houseplants. We guarantee that each order will arrive with you in the same fantastic condition it left us in. It will also be easy to unwrap with minimal mess.

Not only this, but we use totally sustainable materials and methods to limit our impact on the environment. Check out the images below to see our process in detail.

Step 1 - Plant Selection and Quality Check

Your plant is hand selected from our greenhouse for quality, health and size. We then record the phytosanitary certificate and ship this out to you with your delivery note. If for any reason the plant does not meet our exact standards, we will contact you immediately to let you know and come to a solution.

Step 2 - Securing the compost

Using 100% recycled, recyclable, unbleached paper or potato starch film we secure the compost in the pot. This protects against spillage in the event the plant tips over during transit.

Step 3 - Taping the Pot

We adhere the paper to the pot using 100% recycled paper tape. This secures the paper as well as protects the plant from excessive wobbling during its journey to you.

Step 4 - Final Quality Re-Check

This is a final stringent review of the plant's health and quality, with finishing touches to the pruning and any other maintenance.

Step 5 - Bagging the Plant

We then wrap the plant in 100% repurposed plastic wrap which we obtain from our suppliers. Your plant may arrive in fully compostable potato starch wrap. This helps to insulate and protect the plant during transit.

Step 6 - Boxing the Plant

We place your wrapped plant inside a made-to-measure box that it fits snugly inside. You may find ballast such as cardboard inside to make it fit perfectly.

Step 7 - Customising size

Next is adding a lid to the box the exact height for your plant, further minimising risk of damage.

Step 8 - Finish and Labelling

Your plant is labelled and loaded onto one of our trusted couriers for overnight nationwide delivery.