We exercise extreme caution at our nursery, with staff required to sanitise their hands, wear masks and socially distance at all times whilst at work, especially in the greenhouse where the plants are packed. 50% of our staff are already vaccinated and we have maintained a rigorous stance against the spread of Coronavirus throughout the entire pandemic.

We have taken many measures to take our place in the fight against COVID-19, with each member of staff having their own ‘zone’ to minimise physical contact and reduce the risk of transmission. We also enforce ‘connections’, meaning that each person who comes to the nursery such as suppliers and couriers, only has one point of contact at the nursery who is required to exercise extreme caution when interacting with them.

By appointment, you and one other person can visit the nursery as long as you wear masks and exercise social distancing at all times.


There are two ways to be assured of this. You will either choose your delivery day at checkout, or you will receive an e-mail within 48 hours of your order letting you know when it will be delivered. We endeavour to fulfil orders as quickly as possible, but ensuring your plant is of the finest quality is our main priority.

We are unable to provide a time for your delivery in advance, but on the day you should receive an e-mail from our couriers letting you know your delivery window (this is usually a two hour window.) All deliveries occur between 8:30AM and 4:30PM, except with extreme delays which may mean it comes a little later. 

No. You can add special delivery instructions that will be passed on to the courier to inform them of where to leave it. This could be with neighbours, in a porch, or in a back garden for example. If there are no delivery instructions, it is down to the discretion of the driver what to do and you will be informed of the outcome (left safe, with neighbour or returned to depot.)

Certain plants we avoid sending during winter and will usually just stop selling them during the coldest months. However some nights it’s simply too cold to send any plants out and this inevitably causes delays. We thank you for your understanding.

We cannot ship to Northern Island, Scottish Islands or The Isle of Man and deliveries to The Scottish Highlands take two days and are inadvisable during winter.


We have a lot of experience packing plants and are always improving our methods. We use recyclable unbleached paper along with paper tape to secure the compost in the pot to avoid it spilling during transit. We then wrap the plant in a compostable bag made out of potato starch to insulate and protect it from damage. We then place it in a tight fitting box and often insert some ballast, usually cardboard, to minimise the risk of damage.

While this is incredibly rare, we ask that you immediately unpack your plant (retaining all packaging) and send us a photograph via e-mail to within 48 hours of receiving your plant. We will then come to a resolution on a case basis. Please see our terms and conditions.

We include a delivery note as well as phytosanitary certificates in the box with each order. This does not detail prices. If you wish, we can include a gift card with your order as well.


Please feel free to send us an e-mail and we will do our best to source the plant for you, or a very similar species.

We are always on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding the health of your plants and wish nothing less than them to thrive in your home or office. If you feel you have followed all of our care instructions and your plant has still died, please get in touch so we can arrange a resolution for you. Please see terms and conditions.

We endeavour to put as much detailed and correct information on each plant and pot right here on our website. We also e-mail care instructions to you for each plant so that you have your instructions on hand whenever you need them.

Rest assured that each plant undergoes a strict quality check before leaving in perfect health. Some plants are needier than others but we believe everyone has the potential to keep healthy plants.

We have a number of discount codes sent out via e-mail marketing campaigns, on our social media and to dedicated repeat customers.

A few websites publish bogus discount codes without our permission. We are not affiliated with these websites in any way and they deceptively publish these codes in order to generate web traffic.

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