Our range of elegant designer style containers are great for indoor houseplant displays or garden use. The planters are made in Germany by Lechuza. Manufactured from twin walled high density polypropylene; they are available in different finishes and colours for a ceramic or metallic look, or solid-coloured with an attractive textured surface.

They are a stylish accompaniment for plants for your home, garden and office. Virtually shatterproof, they are incredibly durable. UV, frost and 100% water resistant as standard and can almost guarantee your plants thrive in the long term through the ingenious mechanism inside.

Bespoke self-watering systems are available for all containers across the range - so your plants look after themselves for up to 5 weeks. Click here to see how they work. Castors are available for larger planters to aid moving.

To see how to use a self watering container click here.


Perfect for corners, against walls, in bookshelves and generally fitting in perfectly, quadrobrings a touch of class to modern interiors.


The classic pot shape, with perfect proportions and room for the roots to roam in all directions. Our most popular container for its versatility and simplicity.


The tall option, for adding height and impact to plants or for allowing trailers to hang down the sides. Perfect for high ceilings or unrestricted growth on hanging plants.