House Plant Choices from our Team

Choosing your perfect indoor plant is down to the conditions of your space, but also personal preference. We get asked all the time what houseplant we'd choose, so these are the favourites of our staff at the moment!

This will change as we get new, amazing stock in and will generally be plants that are a little more unusual. After looking at plants all day we prefer things that appear more bizarre, or that have some unique quality about them.

Brook - Dracaena Song of India

Brook absolutely loves the bonsai like appearance and vibrant colours of this incredible indoor tree. With each plant boasting around 20 heads of foliage and a generous thick trunk, they really do make a statement in almost any bright room.

Holly - Rubber Plant

With shiny luscious leaves in some of the darkest tones found in the plant world, Holly enjoys seeing her Ficus elasticarelease its bright crimson flower if she's lucky one year.

Aaron - Aglaonema 'Zebra Feathers'

Aaron appreciates the complexity of the intricate markings that make up each leaf of this stunning Chinese Evergreen.