We are extremely fortunate to be situated on five stunning acres of Wealden land, marked as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty by the government. We take efforts to preserve the incredible landscape here, and provide extra boosts to the wealth of life and natural phenomena that occur here. 

For 14 years we have used selective clearing to create wildflower meadows, scrub and woodlands. We use no chemical insecticides and now have a veritable army of Robins, wrens and beneficial insects in the greenhouses that gobble pests on a wage of mixed birdfoods and a warm winter!

Feel free to take the time to look at some photographs Paul has taken here in Five Ashes. We love to share this remarkable scenery with visitors when they come to us, and it is an integrated part of our business to work as one with nature. 


Bird life

For the last 14 years we have been active in creating habitats and feeding our resident birds. Every week we use on average 6kg of bird food in our feeders! It is important to not only feed in the winter (parents can get very very worn out in spring). To date we have over 40 species resident here. Click below to get information on how to help your feathered friends.


A wonderful world awaits those who look into these often overlooked wildlife. The cornerstone of ecological health.

Stunningly beautiful and fascinating. We are currently recording Butterflies and Moths. With over 2500 species found in the UK there is a lot to look out for!


Foxes, Badgers, Stoats, Fallow deer, Hedgehogs, Weasels, Grey Squirrel are all on the increase here as populations of smaller species grow.