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RHS gold medal winner

Classico Plant Container


Simple round containers for the house or office. Elegant design with a large range of colours and sizes to fit with modern or traditional design. This range includes some of the largest sizes of planters available. The self watering unit is designed to fit each size perfectly to provide an effective modern sub irrigation system

Colours Available

Charcoal Black Scarlet Silver White Taupe
Charcoal Black Red Silver White taupe
Matt Gloss Gloss Matt Gloss Gloss

Approximate Dimensions and Prices

Width Height Price
cm inch cm inch ContainerSelf-watering System
217.9208.3£13.50+ £8.50
2811.12610.2£22.00+ £10.50
3513.83313.0£28.00+ £14.50
4316.93915.4£40.00+ £20.00
5019.74718.5£50.00+ £22.00
6023.65622.0£82.00+ £25.00
7027.66525.6£120.00+ £30.00

Please note that the larger sizes are huge and may be bigger than you think! If in doubt please call.

Self Watering Container