Velvet Heart Anthurium | Anthurium clarinervium

Latin Name: Anthurium Clarinervium
Plant height (inc. pot) - Pot width

A striking epiphyte originating in Mexico and found across the rainforests of South America, this bold and beautiful member of the Araceae family is coveted for its velvety leaves and vivacious colours.

A great addition to any steamy bathroom or busy kitchen in need of that punchy colour, or as part of a terrarium that creates its own humidity. You can also use a humidifier to emulate its natural environment which is ideally 80% humidity for maximum growth.

This plant absolutely loves being misted and dislikes being cold. Be sure not to over-water during winter and if you're looking to prune back make sure it's done in spring. It can also get burnt and dry out, so avoid extremes.

We love this house plant for its quality to grow compact bushiness without spreading its heart shaped leaves upwards or outwards too much. This gives each plant a unique identity and complexity that can really stand out in a crowded spot. Don't expect them to grow out above 1.5m, which makes them great for a tight spot.

Not to be confused with Alocasia, which looks similar but behaves very differently. Anthuriums are one of the largest and most varied families of houseplant, and they can be found in wild rainforests all over the globe. Like most anthuriums, this splendid variety gives a lot of beauty and growth for not a lot of maintenence. It will flower in time, but the flowers lack petals and are not as visually memorable as the leaves themselves.