Crested Japanese Bird's Nest Fern | Asplenium antiquum

Latin Name: Asplenium antiquum 'Leslie'
Plant height (inc. pot) - Pot width

A lush, leathery-leaved unusual fern with lance-shaped fronds, each with a slightly wavy edge. Native to eastern Asia, it grows as an epiphyte on tree trunks, cliffs and forest floors among the thick throngs of other ferns and abundant life. Although endangered in the wild, it is a popular ornamental houseplant throughout Europe and the United States.

Apparently named Bird's Nest Fern for it's resemblance to a bird's nest, but we like to imagine that a botanist or ornithologist long ago in Japan actually found a bird nesting in one!

It is a low maintenance plant which thrives in a sunny spot (away from direct sunlight) with regular misting to maintain humidity. Not suitable for Grandad's cabbage patch, despite its lettuce like appearance!