Peacock Plant | Calathea orbifolia

Latin Name: Calathea orbifolia
Plant height (inc. pot) - Pot width

In vogue at the moment this luxurious Calathea is a true stunner! Very very large leaves with subtle colouration adorn this shade loving specimen.

As the largest calathea we sell, it's equally as fussy as its brothers and sisters in the family. It needs humidity, heat and the correct levels of soil moisture. Being such a beautiful and eye catching plant, it's easy to fall in love with but unfortunately many doting owners see this plant slowly degrade as the months go by.

As a prayer plant, it is highly animated. You may see it in a different position throughout the hours of the day and night as it adjusts itself to the light. This is particularly pronounced with this plant, owing to its oversized leaves. Check out our video 'Calathea Moves' for a visual illustration of this effect.