Croton Iceton | Codiaeum iceton

Latin Name: Codiaeum 'Iceton'
Plant height (inc. pot) - Pot width

This codiaeum is one of the most striking and colourful plants on the planet! Not only this, but it is also highlighted by black undertones that make the colours burst even more, making this species one of the most memorable and enjoyable plants. That being said, it is not the easiest plant in the world.

It is highly susceptible to cold draughts, which will make the leaves drop off quite suddenly all at once. It is also prone to underwatering, which means a self-watering system ensures the maximum potential for this stunning plant.

Expect slow growth of the central wooded stem, but if treated well and kept (very) warm it will bush out with the remarkable technicolour foliage that makes it such a pleasure to have.