Hare's Foot Fern | Davallia canariensis

Latin Name: Davallia canariensis
Plant height (inc. pot) - Pot width

What a scary plant! Davallia is like a cross between an asparagus and a tarantula. Little known and hard to forget Davallia canariensis is great for a bathroom but don't flush it down the plughole!

Found across the West Mediterranean as well as many Atlantic Islands, this wonderfully spreading fern sends its signature furry rhizomes in all directions, with wispy fronds of delicate foliage spreading out to a maximum width of 70cm.

Incredibly easy to look after and versatile in its needs. Perfect for newcomers or as a jokey gift to a friend who hates spiders.

UK Grown right here in Sussex and sold in our environmentally-friendly, recycled pots made out of old computer parts.