Dragon Tree | Dracaena Song of India

Latin Name: Pleomele reflexa 'Song of India'
Plant height (inc. pot) - Pot width

One of the most striking and individually beautiful specimens of the Dracaena family available on the market today. Dozens of heads of foliage create a packed, bushy mass that only gets more amazing the closer you look at it.

It can also be admired from a distance, where the structure of the wood in its unusual tree form can be appreciated. The central wooded stems branch out into a delta shape which gives way to the gold-trimmed leaves that spread out in Florette shapes all bunched together.

A fantastically beautiful plant that we expect to explode in popularity in the coming years.

If you have the light level it needs to really shine as well as the patience to see it grow to its full potential, there are few plants quite as majestic as this one. Water sparingly and clip back to shape during spring. During the hottest days, a misting will help this plant achieve maximum health and vibrancy. A shadier spot will see the creaminess of the leaves slowly revert to green and you may see some leaf drop.