Chinese Banyan | Ficus microcarpa

Latin Name: Ficus microcarpa
Plant height (inc. pot) - Pot width

All the beauty and elegance of a bonsai, without the extreme difficulty! Ficus microcarpa can be made yet easier by the addition of a self-watering pot. The contortions in the trunk and tree-like proportions create a fascinating oriental plant that will thrive for many years with minimal care. Simply place it in a bright spot out of direct midday sun, don't move it and enjoy!

Will thrive for many many years with the correct maintenance. It's crucial if you are keeping this plant for a long time to clip it slowly and in the correct spots to create the illusion of it being a miniature tree.

This plant is actually two species of plants growing together in tandem. The wooded stem is Ficus microcarpa, and the leafy branches are Ficus retusa. They are grown together to create the wonderful bonsai effect. Clip back the new growth of microcarpa as they appear by cutting close to the trunk. You will notice the difference.