Quince Tree | Heteropanax chiensis

Plant height (inc. pot) - Pot width

If you have the room then Heteropanax chinensis is a stunning indoor plant. Quick growing but very easy to cut back if it gets too large. As with all indoor trees, do not expect rapid growth of the central wooded stem as this takes time.

Will get by with very little care and attention as long as its lighting and heat needs are met. If it dies back a little in Winter, it has a wonderful ability to bounce back the following Spring.

The leaves of this unusual specimen are wonderful to watch as they unfurl from the top then gracefully arch to the side.

Prolific in India and across South Asia, but interspersed all the way to East China, these grow into full-fledged trees on mountainsides and forests across much of the world with the heat and humidity to support them.