Maidenhair Fern 'Delta' | Adiantum fragrans

Latin Name: Adiantum raddianum Fragrans
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Adiantum raddianum Fragrans, aptly named Delta for the unusual shape of its rachis (stems) that branch out like an intricate river system. This delicate and beautiful fern originates in the West Indies and boasts deep black fronds and lime green pinnae(leaves.)

Generally speaking it's one of the tougher plants to get right, but like most plants once you do get it in the right spot with a decent routine it's very easy to maintain and grow.

Highly ornamental, the lobed segments in the foliage create a lacey appearance that makes it particularly popular in terrariums. It will doubtless flourish in a darker steamy bathroom or kitchen.

They are slow growing and will only reach an ultimate height of around 60cm, at which point it will continue to bush out.

The most important thing is not to let them dry out completely or be exposed to direct sunlight. They can also be sensitive to hard water as well as very dry air. One plant that sometimes people don't always get right the first time, but a logical choice for those who are known to kill low-maintenance plants though over-caring.

UK Grown right here in Sussex and sold in our environmentally-friendly, recycled pots made out of old computer parts.