Mistletoe Cactus | Rhipsalis

Latin Name: Rhipsalis

Rhipsalis is an epiphytic (grows on other plants) cacti found in tropical rainforests. In fact it is the largest family of epiphytic cacti in the world.

Very interesting foliage and flowers to boot! Very 'In' at the moment due to their wonderful shape and interesting colour.

Incredibly easy to look afteras they will cope in a wide range of light levels and temperature ranges.

Even though it's a cactus, it needs more water than you would expect, especially in summer.

The name 'Rhipsalis' comes from the Greek word for wicker work. This is purely down to resemblance rather than practicality, as the leaves are incredibly soft and would not make a very good basket or chair! Similarly, they bear no biological relation to mistletoe but look rather similar in appearance.

Please note: These plants have a tendency to drop some of their leaves during transit. It is quite normal to open the box and find a small pile of them sitting at the bottom! Don't worry as these will grow back with time.