Giant white Bird of Paradise | Strelitzia nicolai

Latin Name: Strelitzia nicolai
Plant height (inc. pot) - Pot width

Big banana like leaves. Strelitzia nicolai is a great plant for a very sunny spot. Growth can be very quick with the leaves arching architecturally creating a fan. If you have the space it can flower but only after it gets to 2.5m+. In the mean time, you can admire the lovely gigantic leaves and long arcing stems.

It's quite normal for some tearing to occur in the leaves. Similar to fenestrations in a cheese plant, it uses these tears to allow sunlight to filter through to the lower parts of the plant and mitigate the effects of wind. If totally undisturbed, it will have less tearing but eventually it will tear under its own weight. During transit, these tears are inevitable, especially on larger leaves. Please do not worry if you receive your plant with tears in the leaves, it is very normal and healthy.