Arrow Plant | Syngonium nephphytis

Latin Name: Syngonium 'Arrow' nephthytis
Plant height (inc. pot) - Pot width

Known for its striking arrow shaped leaves, this is a relatively unusual plant that is easy to care for and grow.

Once Syngonium nephphytis reaches maturity, the new leaves will form a new shape, taking on more of a star than an arrow. Three to five segments will form from each one, giving it a variance that is becoming increasingly popular. This has led to it being sometimes referred to as the Goosefoot Plant, a name shared by other, similar Syngoniums.

Not only this, but the stems will also eventually form lax climbers that can be grown or clipped to your liking, meaning this is an incredibly versatile and accessible choice for newcomers and experienced growers alike.

The marbling of the leaves with its unique cream colouring also make it a stand-out choice, without the fuss of many other variegated plant types.

Check out the dwarf cultivar pixie that has a compact growth and tiny leaves, perfect for a tight spot. 

Native to Central and South America, this is actually considered an invasive species in some parts of the world where its stems can grow over 100 feet long!

UK Grown right here in Sussex and sold in our environmentally-friendly, recycled pots made out of old computer parts.