Maiden's Blush | Tradescantia sitara

Latin Name: Tradescantia Sitara
Plant height (inc. pot) - Pot width

Tradescantia sitara is a fabulously unfussy plant to look after, with striking pink and purple under leaf colour.

The growth forms in a rosette shape, so it looks terrific in profile or above, meaning it is perfect for a desk, table or windowsill.

Being so undemanding, it will cope with irregular watering and a huge variety of environments.

It is also extremely easy to propagate. Just take one of the smaller offshoots and pop into some compost, and you'll have a new plant.

Great for newbies to houseplant care, or those that have struggled in the past. Brings a burst of colour that is unusual for something so easy!

UK Grown right here in Sussex and sold in our environmentally-friendly, recycled pots made out of old computer parts.