Spineless Yucca | Yucca elephantipes

Latin Name: Yucca elephantipes
Plant height (inc. pot) - Pot width

A classic and resilient indoor tree, boasting an architectural wooden stem and sharp-edged leaves that lend elegance to any bright room. Incredibly easy to look after, and resistant to most pests. With the addition of a bespoke self-watering system, these are plants that can take almost unparalleled levels of neglect and will thrive for many, many years. One of the few exotic indoor plants that will tolerate sustained direct midday sun, these are a favourite for conservatories around the country.

Not to be confused with the unrelated yuca plant which is pronounced the same, but produces an edible fruit you may find on a desert island or trendy Latino restaurant. If you try to eat any part of this type of yucca you will not have a good time unless it is properly processed to break down the saponins. You can use it for crafting though, as the tough leaves can be weaved to make things. Materials made from yucca leaves have been uncovered from thousands of years ago.