Musa Tropicana 170cm high
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Musa Tropicana
Height: 170cm
Pot Width: 35cm
Light Level:
1 = Dark
5 = Very Bright
£ 250.00
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Care Information
Care Information
  • Site

    A conservatory is best but we have seen them in the middle of rooms with large windows growing really happily.

  • Temperature

    Warm in the spring and summer. Will not mind it a little chilly over the winter but not below about 10C.

  • Water

    Drinks an incredible amount when growing over late spring back when the days get short.

  • Feeding

    Lots and lots when growing! Seaweed extract feed works brilliantly.


  • Tip

    Watch out for spider mite the large fleshy leaves are irresistible to this dry air loving pest.